Engine Room Resource Management

Engine Room Resource Management

The course covers the requirements of the STCW Code, as amended, Section A-III/2 Table AIII/2 and Section A-III/1 Table A-III/1 for both Function: Maintain a safe engineering watch: engine room resource management and Function: Leadership and Teamworking Skills at the Operational Level.

(This STCW course is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and the Dominica Maritime Administration.)



The Engine Room Resource Management Course combines online materials, audio, videos, group exercises and case studies to understand resource management. Students will learn to apply resource management, Leadership and Teamworking skills for the operation of the engineering plant onboard a vessel.

The course covers the following subject matter:

  • Safe Watch and International Regulations
  • Resources – Personnel and Equipment
  • Workload Management

This online course is based on a 40 hour in-person course.

System Requirements
Internet access is required. The preferred web browser is Google Chrome, but you may use Edge or Safari if necessary.

Course Approvals



Any applicant who has successfully completed your Engine Room Resource Management (Blended) (NOREMI-828)) course will satisfy the:

  • Engine Room Resource Management training requirements in 46 CFR 11.325(a) (3)(i) and (b)(1); 46 CFR 11.327(a)(3)(i) and (b)(1); 46 CFR 11.329(a)(4)(iv); 46 CFR 11.331(a)(3)(i) and (b)(1); and 46 CFR 11.333(a)(3)(i) and (b)(1); AND,
  • The Leadership and Teamworking Skills within 46 CFR 11.329(c); AND
  • Specific task from NVIC 17-14 Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch: 1.4; 16.1.A; 16.2.A; 16.3.A; 16.4.A

Applicants who have successfully completed this course need not present completed Task Control Sheets for these assessments in application for STCW certification.

The course satisfies:

  1. the Engine Resource Management knowledge requirement of: a) Table A-III/1 of the STCW Code, as amended 2010, within Function: Marine engineering at the operational level; Competence: Maintain a safe engineering watch. , Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch; AND
  2. the Competence: Application of Leadership and Teamworking Skills of Table A-III-1 of the STCW Code, as amended 2010 for Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch.


Written Examination
This course consists of one written exam – Engine Resource Management. The exam contains 15 questions and requires a 70% passing score. The written exam can be taken online through HALO° Exams. You will receive 3 attempts for your exam. If you fail all 3 attempts, you must pay a retake fee of $50.00.