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Manage your maritime career here.


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Complete your courses and exams online using NEMO° and its digital exam proctoring system HALO°.

24/7 Access to Courses

Take courses at your own pace and convenience – anywhere, anytime with internet access.

Comprehensive Learning

NEMO° is built to be accessible for all types of learners. Every course combines audio, visual and practical training to accommodate all styles of learning.

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Advanced Simulation

NEMO° courses feature fully-functioning simulators, providing you 24/7 access to the tools of your trade.

How to Access Courses


Use NEMO°’s myChecklists tool to keep track of your career progress.
How to use ‎Checklists
Add Your Checklists

Add or remove checklists for your desired licenses.

Track Your Progress

Keep track of your learning and professional progress.

Find Your Courses

Access your required NEMO° courses directly.


Store your training certificates and licensing documents in a secure, personal document library.

Upload your Documents

Upload documents from multiple accepted file types.

Stay Organized

Create folders to keep your documents organized.

Share your Documents
Share your documents with other ‎NEMO° users.
How to use ‎Uploads

How to access your NEMO° courses

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