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Northeast Maritime Institute is an approved designated examiner for the FCC GMDSS Radio Operator Certificate exams. The FCC requires completion of both the Element 1 and Element 7 exams for issuance of the license, unless you have completed a USCG approved GMDSS course at NMI or another training institution (a copy of your completion certificate will need to be submitted to us).

Upon purchase of this program, you will have access to study questions for both Element 1* and 7, the FCC application package and when you are ready to test, NEMO will enroll you in the Halo Exam Monitoring System which allows you to take your exams remotely, using your computer’s web camera.

*If you have completed a USCG approved GMDSS course, then you only need to prepare for and complete the Element 7 exam.

Basic process after purchasing this module:

  1. Complete the FCC application packet and submit in color with a copy of your photo id
  2. Prepare for your exams by using the provided study questions
  3. Contact NMI when you are ready to test, we will enroll you in our online exam monitoring system (a computer with a web camera is required)
  4. Upon successfully passing your exams (75% required) NMI will submit your paperwork to the FCC for issuance of your license.
  5. There is only one attempt allowed at each exam. A failed attempt is required to pay a retake fee of $100 and must contact the registration office at 508-992-4025 or via EMAIL.

Upon completion of the exams and receipt of your fully completed application, Northeast Maritime Institute will submit your information to the FCC for processing.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via EMAIL  or phone at 508-992-4025.

* Please note: If you have taken NMI’s USCG approved GMDSS Online Course (approved for meeting both STCW and 46 CFR training requirements), this does not automatically qualify you for the FCC license. The FCC does not approve courses in lieu of their exam, although we are able to facilitate your FCC required exams and application paperwork.

PRICE: $140.00 USD
*Due to an increase in FCC processing fees, price change effective 5 May 2022*

*Price includes the cost of the exams plus the remote proctor fee.