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*On-site practical assessments are required per USCG approval guidelines.

The theory portion of this course is delivered on NEMO°, our learning management system with final exams administered on the USCG approved HALO Exam software. You will receive 3 attempts for each exam. If you fail all 3 attempts of an exam, you must pay a retake fee of $25.00 for that exam.

Two days of practical assessments are required at Northeast Maritime Institute and its partner fire training academy.

Assessment Dates:
For onsite scheduling information, please contact our Registration Office: 508-992-4025 / EMAIL NMI

The course includes: First Aid/CPR training, Personal Survival Techniques training, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities review and Basic Firefighting practical exercises. Students are responsible for their own transportation to the fire academy (Click HERE for directions). Student facial hair requirements also apply.

Required Materials:

  • Bathing Suit
  • Towel


  • General Physical Fitness for Practical Demonstration
  • Completion of a full Basic Training program in last five years and/or 360 days of service in the last five years

*Note: Please call 508-992-4025 regarding availability for the dates listed below:

  • May 3-4
  • May 26-27
  • June 7-8
  • June 23-24
  • July 14-15
  • July 26-27
  • August 9-10
  • August 30-31
  • September 13-14
  • September 29-30
  • October 13-14
  • October 25-26
  • November 15-16
  • December 1-2
  • December 20-21

USCG Approval:
Any applicant who has successfully completed the Basic Training Refresher (NOREMI-68) course will satisfy the continued competency requirements for STCW Basic Training in STCW, as amended 2010, Basic Training in Section A-VI/1, 46 CFR 11.302(e) and 46 CFR 12.602(e), AND, all of the tasks from the National Assessment Guidelines found in NVIC 08-14.

Applicants are not required to present completed record of assessment sheets when applying for the STCW endorsement.

PRICE: $725.00 USD