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The online Oceans Navigation/Celestial Navigation Blended Course covers the subject matter content required for Celestial Navigation and Oceans Navigation content and proficiencies for STCW endorsements as OICNW on vessels of 500 GT or more per STCW Code Table A-II/1 and STCW Code Table A/II-2.


Course content includes:  celestial terms, time zones, GHA, LHA, declination, observed altitude, the sextant, sunrise/sunset, sun line and running fix, latitude by Polaris, compass error, stars and planets and the Sailings.  Upon completion of the online content, students will be required to complete two online examinations through Halo Exams. 


  1. Calculator
  2. Pencils
  3. Erasers
  4. Plotting triangles (2)
  5. Dutton’s Nautical Navigation, 15th Edition (978-1557502483) RECOMMENDED
  6. American Practical Navigator, Bowditch, 1981 (ASIN: B017DLYMJI)


This fully online course can be taken at your own pace.  Recommended equipment outside of any required materials identified in the course:  computer and web camera.

PRICE: $1,600.00 USD