U.S. Coast Guard Career Guide

Master Unlimited

U.S. Coast Guard Career Guide

Master Unlimited


Citizenship Requirements
Must have U.S. Citizenship.

Minimum Age Required
21 Years

Medical Certificate Requirements

  • Original – Must hold a valid Medical Certificate or be approved for Medical Certificate.
  • Renewal, ROG, New Endorsement or Modification – Must hold an unexpired Medical Certificate or submit a Medical Certificate application.

Drug Test Requirements
Must be Drug Testing Compliant.

Fee Requirements
Mariner Fees must be paid.

Applicants for Master AGT Oceans, when upgrading from Chief Mate endorsement: NO further exams required – provided mariner has been examined for Chief Mate Unlimited tonnage.

  • Examination
  • NOTE: A person holding this endorsement may qualify for an STCW endorsement, according to § 11.305.

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