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The Visual Communication: Flashing Lights course will introduce you to many aspects of communication on board a vessel. Visual Morse code is a very important aspect of communication, it is required for anyone looking to acquire their OICNW certification. This course will also feature the HALO° Flashing Lights Simulator, this simulator will help you train on practical skills.


The course covers the following subject matter:


  • The Morse code alphabet
  • Visual Morse code
  • The International Code of Signals (PUB 102)
  • How to Flash a signal light to transmit visual Morse code
  • How to decode Morse code signals


Visual Communications course, also known as the Flashing Lights or Visual Morse Code provides training and assessment for licensed deck officers required to demonstrate competence of ability to transmit and receive information by visual signaling (Flashing Light) via Morse Code in accordance with 46 CFR subpart B, part 10 and Table A-II/1 of the STCW Code.


This course is required for all candidates who are seeking to acquire their original Officer in Charge of a Navigation Watch Certificate of Competence either a raise in grade from Able Bodies Seaman or Able Seafarer-Deck or through an approved program such as Northeast Maritime Institute's - College of Maritime Science Third Mate Option or through a Federal or State Maritime Academy.



PRICE: $75.00 USD


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