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Boston Harbor Cruises, BHC

Master – Boston Harbor Cruises

Position: Master

Company: Boston Harbor Cruises

Requirements – Licenses and Certifications:

The BHC Master must hold the necessary USCG marine documents and license for 100 ton, power Inland and/or Near Coastal operation. Or, a 25- 50 ton Inland license to operate BHC’s Water Taxi fleet. Candidates must also hold current; Medical Card, TWIC, FCC Marine Radio Operators Permit and Valid CPR/First Aid Certification. All BHC Masters must pass a pre-employment Drug screen and are subject to Random Drug & Alcohol Test requirements.


The Master is BHC’s onboard manager and representative. He/she is solely responsible for the safe and efficient operation and navigation, in all weather conditions, of the vessel as well as the safety of all persons on board. The Master ensures that the vessel is properly manned in accordance with the vessel’s COI and that accurate passenger counts are conducted and recorded. The Master is responsible for the training of the vessel crew and adherence to all applicable United States Coast Guard, Federal and State laws, including Company policies and procedures. The Master is responsible to immediately report any accident, incident or unusual occurrence, by the quickest available means, to the appropriate manager. Masters must also ensure that BHC Accident/Incident/Unusual Occurrence forms and/or USCG Form 2692 is filled out in an accurate, clear, concise, complete and timely manner. 

The Master is also responsible for the appearance and cleanliness of the vessel as well as performing specified preventative maintenance, including fueling of the vessel. The Master ensures periodic engine room inspections while underway. The Master must document and report maintenance activities and deficiencies in the company’s Wheel-House Software Program. 

The Master must be conversant with the vessels Security Plan to ensure that security drills are conducted and recorded as required by company policy and logged a timely manner. The Master shall also conduct Safety Drills as required by USCG regulations and as may be outlined by Company Policy. 

The Master is responsible for conducting daily job briefings at the beginning and end of the shift. The completion of the job briefing must be acknowledged and logged in the vessel’s log book. The Master is responsible for the conduct of all crew to ensure that all company policies are being adhered to.


Eric Mohan
Director of Training and Recruitment
Operations Manager
Boston Harbor Cruises

(857) 312-0279