Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: What is NEMO°?


A: NEMO°, also known as Northeast Maritime Online, is one of the first Comprehensive Maritime E-Learning Platforms specifically designed for administering, documenting, tracking, reporting, and delivering electronic maritime education and training technology on board vessels, at home or any place where a mariner can log onto the internet. It is home to all online courses, practice kits and exams offered through Northeast Maritime Institute.



Q: How do I login to my NEMO° account?




Q: How do I reset my password if I’ve forgotten it?



You will be prompted to enter your Username and Email Address associated with your account, and from there you may change your password.




Q: What is a “Blended” course and how does it work?




Q: Do I need internet connection to use NEMO°?


A: Yes. NEMO° requires you to have internet while you go through the course so you must be connected to internet/wifi during use. However, you may download any additional resources available for your course for offline use.



Q: Do you have a direct support line that I can reach out to for help?




Q: Is there a recommended browser that I should use when taking courses through NEMO°?


A: For best operating results, Google Chrome is recommended. Other browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer may be used, however functionality may be limited. If you experience any difficulties with one of these browsers, please contact our direct support line.



Q: Once I sign in to my NEMO° account, where can I find the courses that I’m enrolled in?


A: Once you have signed in to your NEMO° account, you will be prompted with a Welcome message, followed by various tiles including the “My Courses” tile. You will then click on “My Courses” and be brought to a list of all the courses you are enrolled in.




Q: Do courses on NEMO° include any accessibility features?


A: Yes. Most courses delivered through NEMO° include auditory and visual aids to assist the text passages, as well as increased contrast within the course for an accessible learning experience.



Q: Where can I find a list of United States Coast Guard approved courses that NEMO° offers?




Q: Where can I find a list of Commonwealth of Dominica approved courses that NEMO° offers?





Q: Where can I find a list of Tonga approved courses that NEMO° offers?





Q: Where can I find a list of Radio Licensing courses that NEMO° offers?


A: For a list of Radio Licensing courses, please click the "COURSES" tab to find the Radio Licensing link:




Q: Where can I find a list of Examination Preparation Materials that NEMO° offers?





Q: Are there any free courses offered by NEMO?


A: Yes. NEMO offers a free Handheld VHF Radio course. To take this course, please follow this link:



Q: Where can I learn more about Northeast Maritime Institute?




Q: There are multiple courses that I would like to enroll in in order to get a certain license. Do you have any deals on purchasing multiple courses at a time.


A: Yes. We currently offer four different course bundle programs that may be of interest to you. To view our course bundles, please click the "COURSE BUNDLES" tab and choose the appropriate course bundle link.




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